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J.P. Mayeur, LMT




A++++ I have tried several massage therapists for many years before becoming JP s client. JP s massage technique is by far the absolute most effective in relieving back pain and stiffness caused by sitting all day at a desk job and computer. JP fully customizes his massages and the pressure level to his client s needs. JP has the talent and capability to deliver a strong massage. His professional office setting is very relaxing and professional. I highly recommend getting a massage 5-pack as the price is incredibly affordable. The massages are for the full time requested. Thanks to JP, my back pain has completely subsided and my flexibility has greatly improved. Give JP a try and you’ll become a regular client and his online appointment system makes it really easy to book appointments.

Bob - Created on 07/30/12


JP is the best!

I went to JP with a migraine that I'd had for several days. Inside of an hour, he was able to relieve the headache and work out a number of challenging issues I had in my back, neck and hips. Thank you JP!

Katrina G.

All-Around Great Service!

From easy scheduling, a great location, comfortable beds, a superior massage, great post-massage water, and easy payment - JP is simply the BEST!

Brad A.

I'm Definitely . . . Not Complaining . . .

Often we write to a business to complain but seldom do we write to praise a service. They say that one written letter is worth 100 other peoples feelings that didn't write, so this is to speak for me and all those others. JP is amazing! I guess you'd call me a valued customer because I have a standing weekly appt. but it's really JP and his craft that is valued.

The stress of the everyday grind leaves me tense and up tight and by the end of the week, I'm beat. I use to look at my weekly session as a something I treated myself to but now, I look at it as a necessity. Though I thoroughly enjoy it, I've found the health benefits in it as well. I run and love to play soccer and at nearly 50 my body was rebelling. My massages keep my muscles stretched and more flexible. I can't say enough about JP he works wonders!

Susan W.

Wonderfully Relaxing . . .

I had my first massage with JP this weekend and will definitely be back. He could tell exactly what my stressed muscles needed and I came out feeling like a new person.

Dawn M.

JP is the best!

J.P. is the best therapist I have had. He understands what areas are in need and addresses them. I have rheumatoid arthritis and lupus and he has helped me to maintain my mobility. I have been coming to J.P. for a couple of years and will continue for years to come.

D. Inman

JP is a lifesaver . . .

JP has been a GREAT Masseuse for the past couple of years that I have been seeing him. I deal with a major health issue and he has been able to help me tremendously. I like the fact that he is able to customize a massage to address what I need that day. Thanks JP--You are awesome!!!

E. Ernst


I have been getting regular massages for the past several years. After feeling a bit let down by the masseuse I had been seeing for the past two years, I decided it might be time for a change. While searching the Internet for spas in the Plano area, I came across JP. I made an appointment with J.P. for a 90 minute deep tissue massage. WOW! This was by far the BEST massage I have ever had. I will definitely recommend him to all of my colleagues, friends and family.

S. Kelly

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